About Hash Checker

Hash Checker is a lightweight software for creating any files hash code.
It supports MD5, SHA256 & SHA512 hashing.
We have made support for these 3 hashes because nowdays these are the most common and popular one.
Through Hash Checker you can also check whether your clipboarded hash is mathched with file's hash or not.
And also you can easily copy hash to your clipboard with only one click.

Who we are

Actually it's not we, it's only me.
Assalamu Alaikum or Take my Salam

I am Rizwan Hasan. I am a student, studying Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) in East Delta University, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Proggramming is my aim in life. And I am hardcore fan of Linux. I have also created a derivative distribution of Arch Linux. You will find it in MagpieOS.NET